HMS Fearless L10 
by Shaun Garnham 

1/600 HMS Fearless L10 (Airfix)

This multimedia picture is a representation of HMS Fearless  L10, a Landing Platform Dock 1st of class, Commissioned 25th November 1965 and Decommissioned 18th March 2002, motto Explicit Nomen (the name says it all).  Last Steam propulsion surface Ship in the Royal Navy.  This shows Her in a Fjord in Norway where She went regularly with the Royal Marines for Nato Exercises with our Norwegian Allies.  A staggeringly Beautiful Country and welcoming people.

The long rectangular porthole I had put aside when removing HMS Glasgow gave a bit of room for the composition with this larger 1/600 Ship.  I used the Etch kit from Antlantic models ATEM 60012 HMS Fearless/ HMS Intrepid Detail Set  which I found very good.  The Faces in the Mountains represent the tricks Nature plays on the imagination, plus Trolls, Mythical beings and local Gods may just be watching, slightly perplexed most probably like the rest of us, hidden in plain sight.


Shaun Garnham

Gallery updated 4/15/2021