HMS Tiger
by Paul Enderby

1/700 HMS Tiger (Matchbox)

I’ve always liked the Helicopter cruiser conversions of Tiger and Blake, so decided after Eagle that this was what I wanted to do.

So managing to get the original Matchbox moulding (from 1979) second hand, as I thought the mouldings would be cleaner than the Revell reissue, on I cracked.

Lots of research online and through the book “Lion, Tiger and Blake”, I’d built up a good idea of the structure and details to be added.

The actual kit is a great start but really came to  life with the Atlantic Models etch and the Shapeways 3D parts.  That said I managed to lose both SCOT satellite domes to the carpet monster when trying to clean them up.

The flight deck decals held up remarkably well on a gloss coat and I couldn’t resist trying to super detail the Sea Kings (Atlantic Models) and even have a go at the deck handling equipment (I’ve been an aircraft modeller until recently)

Really enjoyed this one

Paul Enderby

Gallery updated 4/10/2021