JMSDF Ise DDH-182 
by Walter Sonderman 

1/350 JMSDF Ise DDH-182 (Fujimi)

With the Japanese Maritime Self Defense Force refitting their large Izumo helicopter carriers to accept the F-35B, I thought it would be nice to submit the earlier, smaller Ise helicopter carrier. I assume these ships will not be refitted, so their main purpose will stay that of a helicopter-destroyer as they were built and designated.The Fujimi-kit is rather expensive (I picked it up for €160, which is around $ 185) but offers great quality and is an easy built. It also offers a large and extensive decal-set. On the down side, for such an expensive kit you would expect an extensive photo-etch set, but only the mesh screens for the superstructure have been provided. I used GMM-rails and netting from my own stock. Furthermore I have added two Trumpeter SH-60's to fill the flight deck and the aft elevator. I closed the front elevator and used the hangar walls for the aft one to provide depth in the hangar, which worked out rather nice.

Two three-bladed propellers have been included which I thought more resemble WWII destroyer propellers. I have replaced them with more modern-looking props from the "Modern USN warship" set from GMM. GMM also provided the firehose-reels, Veteran provided the two Vulcan Phalanx CIWS.

Walter Sonderman

Gallery updated 1/4/2019