by Don
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1/192 Landing Ship Tank LST-1047 (Scratchbuilt)

This is an US Navy World war 2 LST, better known as a Landing Ship Tank or slow moving target. as some would call it. These ships or landing crafts were use on the beaches to unload and load troops and their finghting machines. They were use in many battles and landings. and became important for landing on beaches. They also had other types of small landing crafts that troops would use for landings . This is an RC model but later was change to none rc. It is a model of the real 1047 LST, one that was used during some of those landings. It is as far as I know some where up in the Washingtion area. I built it for their reuion a couple of years ago as a request from one there crewmen at that time. So it may be in there museum as well. I never did find out what ever happen to it as time went on. But I thought I would share some more of my work on this fine Web site.

This ship is about a 21 inches long, 2 or 3 inches high from keel up to top of stack and about 4 inches wide. I set it up as an RC but later removed the RC, but the motor and props still work. The motor has an on and off on switch up in the bow area that was common in with the rest of the model This is scratch built from the beginning with a fewof the extras added on. The deck was set up to be removable so a person could get to motor. It is all wood construction with a small motor inside the hull.

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