USS Trenton LPD-14 
by Donald W. Grasmick 

1/700 USS Trenton LPD-14 (JAG)

The model was a  pretty straight forward build with minor scratch building to get the mast unique to the Trenton in her 2005-2007 appearance.  In going over the pictures of the Austin Class LPD's on NavSource, depending on the ship and time period, they all had some differences in their arrangements.  I tried to capture Trenton near the end of her US service life.  She continues her life as an LPD in the Indian Navy as the Jalashwa (L41).  She was purchased by the Indian Navy in 2007.  The USS Trenton is one of two of the twelve Austin Class LPDs built that have no flag officers level.  If you wish to build any of the other Austins, JAG does include the flag officers level.  As far as resin ships go, this was a rather enjoyable build which required very little masking and clean-up.

   I used  Modelmasters light ghost gray for the vertical sections and navy gloss gray for the deck and landing pad.  A couple coats of clear flat dulls out the Navy Gloss Gray just fine.  For the PE I used GMM Modern US Navy.  I didn't have any sand colored paint for the LVPTs so I improvised and used what color I had on hand, Modelmasters Wood.  I think it came out quite nice as a sand substitute.

Donald W. Grasmick

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