LHD Juan Carlos 
by Brian Yim 

1/700 LHD Juan Carlos (Orange Hobby)

 Although this is my first submission, I have experience  having previously built some other 1/700 ships from larger manufacturers. This build was my first resin kit and I was very impressed by the mould details, though I had some issues with some of the finer   moulding parts such as a small section on the stern of the ship the portside overhang on  the front mast which did not appear to have moulded properly. There was a  lot of PE included in this set, making this one of the most detailed builds I have ever done and allowed for a very satisfying end result. This kit is a waterline model so I also attempted to make a simple water diorama with PVA glue. I was quite content with the way it turned out considering it was my first time making a diorama. I painted the NH-90s in the Spanish army camouflage. Although this kit comes with two Harriers, the Harriers on the ship are from one of my previous builds from Aoshima as I had trouble attaching the tiny underwing pylons PE to the Orange Hobby Harriers.

All in all, a very fun build which got me excited to look out for other resin kits and kits with photoetch or upgrade kits.

Brian Yim

Gallery updated 6/27/2023

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