USS Arkansas 1944 
by Bob Cicconi 

1/700 USS Arkansas 1944 (Tom's Modelworks)

My latest build, the Tom's Modelworks 1/700 USS Arkansas 1944. It's a unique limited run kit that's well done, but still needs some experience to build, especially the foremast and mainmast assemblies. You also need to read the directions thoroughly and dry fit before gluing anything, especially turret 4, which needs to clear the mainmast post and lower platform. I used Blue Ridge Models 3D printed 20mm, 40mm, and 3"/50 guns, and their Mk51 directors. The kit comes with a lot of good PE parts, including railings, but I opted for the Gold Medal Ultra railings instead. I scratchbuilt the two Mk 50 directors, as well as the top masts on the fore and mainmasts. I used Testors and Lifecolor paints and stretched sprue rigging. I like to thank Martin Quinn and especially Rick Davis for their help in helping me to identify the Mk 50 directors front and rear.

Bob Cicconi

Gallery updated 11/6/2018