BB-38 USS Pennsylvania (1945)
By Dave Becker

1/350 USS Pennsylvania BB-38 (Banner)

USS Pennsylvania BB-38 as she appeared in June of 1945 at Okinawa.  Ship is in Measure 21 Navy Blue 5-N.

Model is the Banner USS Arizona 1/350 plastic kit.  Have always wanted to build a USS Pennsylvania since I was born there.  Decided that 1/350 scale is just the right size for doing major model surgery and the Floating Drydock had the model plans for me.  This build is a scratch builders dream come true.  Everything above the main deck had to be modified in one way or another.

Fortunately/Unfortunately my grandson smashed the hull of a just started Tamiya Missouri kit.  Had the kit behind the  couch hidden away - safely?  Well, he landed both feet right in the middle of the hull and still wet red ships bottom.  Presto, an ample supply of weapons and other assorted parts.

Weeks later the ship was complete.  Decided to build an early pre-war 1934 version next but, that is another story.

Dave Becker