USS Pennsylvania
by Bob Cicconi

1/700 USS Pennsylvania BB-38 1945 (DML)

The Dragon 1/700 USS Pennsylvania C.1945 that I just finished. The model is pretty decent, with the exception of some fit issues on the front tripod and control top, and some necessary seam filling. Also, the kit doesn't include the prominent aerials on the rear of the control top in the photo etch fret. In addition to making the mainmast from brass rod, I used Paperlab 5" guns, Niko twin and quad 40mm guns, and Gold Medal 20mm guns. Tom's Modelworks provided the control top aerials, and I used Gold Medal Ultra railings. Stretched sprue rigging and A-line anchor chains completed the build. As the kit only includes a Kingfisher float plane and I wanted the build to represent the Pennsy in 1945, I bought a pack of Trumpeter SC-1 Seahawks and used one for this build. WEM 5N Navy Blue was used overall, and a black wash on the deck made it look like the 20N Deck Blue. Overall it was a fun build, and a faithful representation of the ship in her late-war fit.

Bob Cicconi