USS Pennsylvania BB-38 
by Mark Krumrey 

1/200 USS Pennsylvania (Trumpeter Conversion)

 I had always been interested in Arizona's less famous sister, "USS Pennsylvania" and over the years had built both of the Revell issues of it, which was really the Arizona, Re-boxed.  I had built the Trumpeter 1/200 USS Arizona and shortly after saw Steve "Model Monkey's" Promotion for his 3D printed Pennsylvania sets.  I started this model in my home in Wisconsin in January of 2016 and after a move to Arizona, a few broken pieces from the move and other setbacks, I finally finished it in March 2017.  The model depicts the ship as it appeared during the time frame of August to December 1941.  I painted the aircraft overall light Grey based upon a photo of several of the Division Chiefs standing in front of the #3 Turret with the aircraft visible on the catapult.

The basic kit is the Trumpeter 1/200 Arizona.  I used the Shapeways 3D Printed Pennsylvania superstructure as the basis and augmented it with kit parts, Eduard Photo Etch and scratchbuilding many of the components on the Superstructure to include the machine gun platform, light supports etc.  The CAXM "Bed Spring"Radar was provided by Tom's Modelworks 1/192 Radars for Battleships Photo Etch Set.  Shapeways provided the 3D Printed Pennsyvlania Stack with kit and Eduard Adornments as well as some bits and bobs to simulate tool boxes etc.  I had some extra Admirals gigs and fixed them to the boat deck accordingly.  The main mast was almost totally scratchbuilt using Evergreen rod, sheet, kit components, brass rod, and Eduard PE to round it out.  The transverse bulkhead dividing the main deck from the 01/boat deck level was sanded down, doors replaced and moved using Tom's Modelworks 1/192 ships doors, electrical boxes and conduit added.  Also added were the platforms to house the Gear Reduction Boxes for the kingposts, a feature unique on Pennsylvania.
The catapult on the #3 turret was modified to more correctly resemble the catapult on Pennsylvania as was the aircraft handling crane.  The boat cranes were provided by Shapeways and rigged accordingly with enhancements provided by kit parts and Eduard PE.  The Deck railings and deck were provided by AK/MKI.  I found the PE easy to use and it was the only way to get complete chain railing other than using the tedious Eduard method using their chain railing. On the port side I used the kit part for the projection booth fixed to an added deck extension and support aft of the Kingpost.  This build certainly tested the limits of my scratchbuilding abilities, but it was worth it in the end.

Supplies used:

Mark Krumrey

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