USS Arizona BB-39
by Donald Branscom

1/200 USS Arizona BB-39 (Trumpeter)

This is my second 1:200 Trumpeter build. The first one was a 1:200 USS Missouri. My first build was a scratch build of the USS Missouri (modern version) 1:200 scale. Then I thought I could do better and built a second USS Missouri, scratch build 1:200 again. On all of my models I also build a display case which is always a part of any of my model builds. I use plexiglass only for the case. The bases are wood. I tried to build a case with wood and plastic panels but when I got rid of all the wood on the case except for the base it looked a lot better. Looking around all the corner posts was very distracting. Now I just finished the HMS Hood. But let me catch up with the photos of the USS Arizona. It has not PE (photo etch brass) . I just did not know about it at the time.

Donald Branscom

Gallery updated 6/6/2021