USS Arizona BB-39 
by Bill Fu 

1/350 USS Arizona BB-39 (Hobbyboss)

 the Big White USS ARIZONA! Hobbyboss’kit+Lionroar’s upgrade set+some general-purpose parts. Arguably one of Hobbyboss’ earliest indigenous designs, the kit is not ideal at all with very crude details and uneasy to assemble. It is basically a toy (it even has battery casing ready made in the hull). So there is no way you can build an OK-looking model out of box; upgrade parts need to be used. Since I did not want to spend much time on this build, I opted to use Lionroar’s upgrade set for its simplicity, which turned out good enough. I referred to a handful of online photos and paintings to modify some details (though not accurate enough) which are different when Arizona was white. In total, the project was done in one and half month, quite fast compared with my previous builds.

Bill Fu

Gallery updated 7/29/2021