USS Arizona BB-39 November 1941 
by Mark Brockway 

1/429 USS Arizona BB-39 (Revell)

This is the first ship I have built as an adult modeler.  I first built this kit as 10 year old way back when it something on the order of US. 1.50.  I thought I’d try and do it up right (well better anyway) .  I tried to improve the kit’s 5 inch 25 caliber dual purpose anti-ship and anti-aircraft batteries as well as create more realistic 5 inch 51 caliber secondary batteries after I found out the “turret” representation was due to Revell’s misinterpretation of the mounts foul weather shutters.  I also used the PE set from Tom’s model works (another first for me) to improve the catapults and cranes.  Finally I found a set of 1/426 OS2U King Fishers from a designer, Ebard Models.   You can check out the build thread over on the Work’s in progress forum.

Mark Brockway

Gallery updated 7/18/2017