BB-48 USS West Virginia
By Dave Becker

1/350 USS West Virginia BB-48 (Blue Water Navy)

 USS West Virginia BB-48 as she appeared in late 1940 right before the order to repaint to Measure 1 was given.  Ship is painted in Standard #5 Navy Grey of the pre-war period.

Model kit is by Blue Water Navy 1/350 resin kits and is of the USS West Virginia BB-48.  Slight modifications were done mainly to the fore mast.  Radar and platform weren't installed and these substituted with machine gun positions that she carried in her pre-radar days.  The kit provides additional 5"/25 AA guns instead of the 3"/50's that are needed.  These AAA weapons had to be hand made and installed in their place.  Otherwise a great kit, well detailed and a dream to build.

Dave Becker