BB-58 USS Indiana
By Dave Becker

1/350 USS Indiana BB-58 (Blue Water Navy)

BB-58 USS Indiana as she appeared in early 1944.  The Indiana was the only ship of the South Dakota class to wear Dazzle pattern camouflage.

Model kit is a Blue Water Navy 1/350 USS South Dakota kit that I transformed into the Indiana.  This entailed adding two more 5"/38. mounts and reworking the superstructure to mold the model into the USS Indiana.  In my research on the USS Indiana I found it hard to believe of the four ships of the South Dakota class while looking so much alike were in fact so different in actual layout.  So I spent much time in construction moving gun tubs, searchlights, boats, to different positions on this model.

Thanks to U.S Battleships in Action by Squadron book for valuable information on painting the correct camouflage pattern.


Dave Becker