USS Alabama BB-60
by Ed McDonald

1/350 USS Alabama BB-60 (Yankee Modelworks)

This is USS Alabama BB-60 as she appeared during her shakedown cruise between 11 November 1942 and 18 January 1943. This is the only period during which she wore her unique MS 12 camo. She was repainted during her post-shakedown overhaul in January 1943.

The starting kit for this model was Yankee Modelworks resin 1944-45 Alabama. It has been quite a chore to back date that model to 1942. I began work on the kit just before the new Trumpeter Alabama 1942 kit was announced. The information below details the changes required to back date the Yankee kit to 1942. It also discovers some errors in the Trumpeter kit. I have not yet built the Trumpeter kit, so I can't be certain. But based on photos I have seen of that completed model, the items indicated in bold below should point out errors in the Trumpeter kit. Read on if you are interested in really understanding how Alabama was equipped while she was painted in MS 12.

Ed McDonald