USS Iowa BB-61
by Paul Helfrich

1/700 USS Iowa BB-61 (1984 configuration) (Trumpeter)

I received Trumpeter's 1/700 Iowa 1984 and Missouri 1991 kits from my family as birthday gifts last year. I built the Missouri first and enjoyed it so much I jumped right into the Iowa. The kits are almost identical, so having done the Missouri full-hull, I did the Iowa as a waterline model for variety.

These are great kits - good fit, nice detail, and a reasonable price.

Except for some stretched sprue rigging, this is an OOB build. I was pleased with the weathering I did on the deck - some of the best effects I've achieved in that department, I think. But I'm increasingly dissatisfied with anything that doesn't have PE, so this may be my last 1/700 ship without extra detai

Paul Helfrich