USS New Jersey BB-62 
by Hank Strub 

1/200 USS New Jersey BB-62 (Trumpeter)

This model represents USS NEW JERSEY (BB-62) as she appeared during her Vietnam War Cruise 1968-69, particularly the Summer of 1969 prior to being decommissioned. I served aboard her from Sept. 68 - Dec. 69, X Division. This model was bashed from the Trumpeter 1945 USS MISSOURI kit and heavily rebuilt both in the lower hull and most of the superstructure above the 01 Level. All masts, RADARs, etc. and all the ECM housing on the upper superstructure are handmade as well as the amidships area where the old triple quad 40mm mounts were located in the 1940s and 1950s. I used the Pontos Super Detail Kit and had them provide me with a custom deck set made to my specifications. In addition, I drew up 2 sheets of PE in MicroStation v8i CAD to be used for the various life raft racks, ECM Support Framework, DISCONE/DISCAGE antenna, and many other small items that are not commercially available. These sheets were etched by Starling Models, London, UK - they did an excellent job on my requirements. I have close to 20 CAD drawings I drew up in order to either make the parts myself or have them 3D printed by Model Monkey - I also provided the 2D drawings for him to produce the quadruped mast and refueling rig that was common to the mid-50's IOWA/WISCONSIN BBs. Additionally, I provided Model Monkey with the 2D CAD drawings for his Mk. 56 GFCS Directors that he offers in various scales. I began this project in 2012 and completed it in early 2019. I will post more photos when I am able to do so.


Hank Strub

Gallery updated 3/27/2019