DKM Bismarck 
by Derek Campbell 

1/350 DKM Bismarck (Revell)

This is my build of the Bismarck as he appeared between the time of the sinking of the Hood and being hit by the torpedoes of the British Swordfish torpedo bombers. I used Eduard and Lion Roar Photo-etch sets. I was disappointed in the quality of the LionRoar set. It was very thin and easily bent when cutting pieces off of the frets. The blast bags are molded from Tamiya Putty. the water is a combination of Realistic Water poured over Celluclay. There is 6 layers of future floorwax mix sprayed in between the colors of the water. This was a commission build for a friend. Even tho it took 296hrs over 11 months of my life it was a very enjoyable build. Thank you for looking

Derek Campbell

Gallery updated 2013