by Peter Van Buren

1/350 Richelieu (Trumpeter/L'Arsenal)

This is the Trumpeter 1/350 Richelieu kit, with the very complete L'Arsenal upgrade set. The set includes both extensive PE as well as resin parts (20mm bases, life rafts, 40mm parts, etc.). Unlike most Trumpeter ships, the hull on this one is one piece, so no contending with the seam between the waterline top half and the red plastic bottom half. Fit was consistent with Trumpeter standards, meaning seams to fill and poorly-placed sprue connection points. Fit on the L'Arsenal pieces was excellent, as usual. I tried to build this in "black and white" only, with the only color being the browns on the ships' boats and liferafts, plus a few tiny red fire boxes.

Peter Van Buren