HMS Barham & Invincible 
by Bill Richards 

1/350 HMS Barham & Invincible (Scratchbuilt)

Barham and Invincible as they looked at Jutland. I didn't like the way the water turned out the first time so I went to the Chris Flodberg school of better water and applied some of the techniques from this website and his Youtube video using acrylic gels, varnishes and cotton balls for wave and foam effects. The old acrylic waves were chiselled out from around the ships with an Xacto blade. I guess if you put in a year and a half effort to build the ship, you might as well put a little more effort into the water. A little comparison between Invincible and Lutzow. What a difference in size a few years make.

Bill Richards

Gallery updated 1/20/2017