HMS Hood 1941 
by Nick Dogger 

1/350 HMS Hood (modified Trumpeter)

This is my version of Trumpeter's 1/350 Hood. I have made changes and added detail to the original model to try to depict the ship as accurately and completely as I can in her final 1941 form, following the very comprehensive guidance and images posted by Evert-Jan Foeth and the information on the HMS Hood Association website.
Particularly note-worthy challenges were modifying the superstructures (especially the bridge area) and the aft pom-pom "bandstand"; trying to create correct-scale vision slits in the forward armoured control tower; and changing the boiler room vent structures and making their grilles "see-through". Much time was also spent re-working and rigging the funnels and making their cages and interiors, along with detailing the main mast and boom.
The porthole "eye-brows" on the kit were removed and were replaced with finer versions made from thin wire. Doors and hatches throughout were opened up to try to add depth and interest.
I inlaid strips of tape into the armour belt indents of the kit hull to reduce their depth for a better scale effect. The various splinter shields were also thinned and had interior supports added to them.
The kit-supplied 15" gun turrets were replaced with the more accurate  EJ Foeth/WEM resin versions, with attention paid to seating the 15" guns and blast bags correctly and at the desired elevation angle within the turret facias.
The forward spotting top was reworked extensively. To get a better "see-through" effect for this and also the various bridges, clear plastic sheet was used for the windows. The voice pipes are made from wire, and this was also used for the cable reels. The binoculars and small equipment items on the top bridge are by Veteran Models
Scratchbuilding accurate versions of the ship's "on-board" motor boats/large launches (and constructing the larger working boats in the sea) was a new challenge. Again, clear plastic sheet was used to glaze the cabin windows and windscreens of these (as well as for the main search-light lenses). The remaining boats are from the Admiralty Models WW II Royal Navy sets.
Details such as the ensign staff fog lamp, rigging pulley blocks, bridge wind-baffle, etc, were made from scrap materials.
For the photo-etched details I used selected parts from the White Ensign (WEM), Gold Medal Models and Lion Roar Hood sets; while the railings are from the WEM Ultrafine and Extrafine sets. The de-gaussing cables are those in the GMM set, to which I have added the vertical brackets from scrap photo-etch.
The model was painted with the appropriate WEM "Colourcoat" grey and corticene colour paints, with some added "weathering".
The figures are from L’Arsenal, which I have painted to try to depict Royal Navy uniform(s)! The model is set in a sea-scape of painted filler, and is rigged with stretched sprue.
 (Photographs by Jim Baumann )

Nick Dogger

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