HMS Malaya 1943 
by YOON, Geunsup 

1/700 HMS Malaya 1943 (Trumpeter)

WEM PE set and some other aftermarket options such as Flyhawk small boats/ventilators or 3d printed main turrets are used in here also. Secondary armament including AAs are Flyhawk products. Hand painted by Tamiya enamel and riggings are Modelkasten Metal Rigging 0.15, as usual.

This is my first time to use 3d printed products, it was very hard for me to handle it. Smoothing surface was not easy but the most embarrassing thing was painting. Producer comments say that enamel paint is not recommended but I have no choice but to use enamel because I don't have acrylic or lacquer paints, so I painted it with enamel anyway.

YOON, Geunsup

Gallery updated 2/24/2017