HMS Prince of Wales 
by Chris Flodberg 

1/350 HMS Prince of Wales (Tamiya)

Tamiya's 1/350 POW's with Pontos, Gold Medal, NorthStar, Eduard, White Ensign, and some other aftermarket upgrades. I was pretty unhappy with my previous efforts with the KGV class and was determined to do it right this time. Thanks to everyone who helped-out and contributed to the great POW's camouflage thread.  It was most certainly helpful in guiding me to a choice I felt was somewhat accurate; and at the very least pleasing to the eye. This is a brand new water method I've been putzing around with lately.  It's a complex procedure, but in a nutshell it's carved styrofoam, coated with plaster, then sanded, then epoxied, then sanded, painted, epoxied, and layered with multiple runs of acrylic followed by cotton wake etc.  Rigging is single and doubled-up uni-Caenis.

Chris Flodberg

Gallery updated 10/22/2014