HMS Queen Mary as in May 1916 
by Bill Richards 

1/350 HMS Queen Mary 1916 (Scratchbuilt)

This is a scratchbuilt 1/350 HMS Queen Mary as she looked on May 31 1916 firing salvos at the German battlecruisers. She was the best shooting British battlecruiser that day. She would soon come under fire from both Derfflinger and Seydlitz and sink after being torn apart by magazine explosions.

There is only a couple pictures and a hard to read line drawing with her final configuration including a forward tripod mast and the new forward director. The 4 aft saluting guns were supposed to be replaced by 2 H/A guns and there might have been 2 carley floats on the aft stucture so I left them off until I can find out if they were really there.The 4 boats in the aft structure are from Shapeways. They look good and saved a lot of work. The hull is oak board clad with Evergreen styrene. The superstucture,  funnels and gun turrets are all styrene and brass with brass masts. The 13.5 inch guns are from B&D Barrels. The rest is assorted photoetch and some chopped up Tamiya boats. The water is acrylic gel, cotton balls and acrylic varnish.

A comparison of size with HMS Invincible. Didn't seem to matter how big they built a battlecruiser. Same result.

Bill Richards

Gallery updated 11/6/2017