HMS Queen Mary
by Chris Clarke

1/700 HMS Queen Mary (Combrig)

This model was given to me by my father-in-law as a Christmas gift nearly 10 years ago. A surprising gift as I have never expressed an interest in war or ships with my last model built about 34 years ago when I was about 8 - and it was awful! Unfortunately my father in law passed earlier this year and as a mark of respect I though I would give the build a go. After much research - I not only bought a book on the subject of WW1 battleships but i also bough extra photo etch parts and scoured this site for any tips and colour ideas for the build - i have finally completed it. I know it is not accurate as sourcing colours, specific part etc was too hard; for example, the 6 inch secondary armaments are actually 4.7 Royal Navy brass guns; there are also parts missing because they would fling off over my kitchen never to be found again. But this is my best shot and I thought Id share it with others because of the help this site gave me in completing it. I must admit I thoroughly enjoyed this and from my father-in-laws stash, I now have a E-Class Destroyer, a White Ensign Queen Elizabeth and a Combrig Benbow to complete.

Chris Clarke

Gallery updated 4/6/2022