HMS Renown 
by Frank Spahr 

1/700 HMS Renown (Combrig)

I built the model as Renown appeared in her time as the "battleship yacht", serving as royal transport for travel overseas. Hence, the model was left unweathered and with a neat white paint scheme with green and red trim. As the kit did not contain dedicated PE, I used WEM PE for HMS Tiger, Flyhawk PE for the intricate railing of the stern gallery, and WEM 1:400 railing PE for the awning supports. The latter was trimmed to the appropriate length. Machined brass barrels by BMK substituted the resin items. The masts were replaced with tapered brass items by BMK. The model was painted with various acrylics.

For the base, a standard Trumpeter display box was used. White wall paint was stippled onto it, rendering the texture of still water. Various shades of acrylics plus a serious glosscoat completed the effect.


Frank Spahr

Gallery updated 3/15/2019