HMS Revenge March 1941 
by Jerry Lloyd 

1/700 Revenge March 1941 (WSW)

This model was converted from a WSW Royal Oak kit to depict H.M.S. Revenge in March 1941 just after her type 279 air search radars were fitted (front array transmitted, rear array received) her camo colours are 507A, 507B and 507C with the small deck pattern first seen in 1940 extended right across the quarterdeck, she would not have any extra AA guns fitted until the following December when her side patterns would be simplified to just 507A and 507C and her decks repainted dark grey, top speed for this Jutland veteran was 21 knots, she went into reserve in 1943 to become a stoker training ship in 1944 and was scrapped in 1948.

Jerry Lloyd

Gallery updated 10/13/2017