HMS Rodney 
by Leonidas Bieri 

1/1200 HMS Rodney (Shapeways & scratch)

The diorama shows HMS Rodney in the morning of May 27th 1941, right before the notorious battle against the Kriegsmarine Schlachtschiff Bismarck. Interestingly, HMS Rodney is by far less popular than battleships like HMS Hood or HMS Prince of Wales, even so it was she, who delivered with her 16“ shells the fatal blows to knock out the heavy German battlewagon. To understand the poor performance of Bismarck during her last encounter with the Royal Navy, it is important to understand that she entered the battle with a crippled helm due to an attack of Ark Royals Swordfish torpedo bombers the days before.

It took my around a year to build that model. The origin was a 3D-print from shapeways, showing the ship how it appeared in 1942/43. After scraping many parts away, I replaced them with lead sheet, finest wire or cut into shape 1/700 PE-parts. And some ladders, the railing and the boat crane are from Tom’sModelworks 1/1250 PE-sets.

The first 14 pictures are taken by the professional photographer Felix Streuli.


Leonidas Bieri

Gallery updated 6/14/2023