HMS Tiger 1915 
by Phil Reeder 

1/350 HMS Tiger 1915 (Combrig)

This was my first attempt at building a Combrig kit, and it turned out to be a very enjoyable experience. It is mostly an OOB build, but I added BMK brass barrels from some of their 5.25 ones but they needed to be shortened to match the length of the 6" barrels. For the blast bags I used white Blu-tack, once sculpted to the correct shape they were given a coat of PVA glue to seal them. I hoped to get a BMK mast set for the model, but I couldn`t get hold of one, so I made my own from Brass rod. The PE deck-railings were from Toms Model Works and the rigging was done with E-Z line and stretched sprue. This kit fitted together perfectly ,and hopefully I will have a go at a SMS Seydlitz that is lurking in my stash. Overall impression - Excellent kit, highly recommended

Phil Reeder

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