HMS Dreadnought
by Paul Neuhaus

1/700 HMS Dreadnought (Kombrig)

First of all I would like to thank Jim Baumann for all his help and for lending me the most useful book "The Anatomy of the ship HMS Dreadnought" from John Roberts. It was a great help and I don't think I would have had so much success without it.

With the help of the book the build went more or less straight forward. This one is my second modell made of resin (the report for the first one will follow). The masts were completly replaced through steel. The kit contained two small PE frets with a lot of small details, but no reilings. I used some from Tom's Modellworks and scatch built the other odd item. The painting was done with a brush and I used Humbrol and Revell colours

The rigging is made of strched sprue and the water is silicone. Next will be the build of a small display case to prevent it from dust.

Paul Neuhaus