IJN Haruna 
by Philip LaVoie 

1/350 IJN Haruna (Fujimi)

The IJN Haruna was the last of the four Kongo class battleships to be lost during the war.  She was a survivor, having taking part in several campaigns only to be sunk in shallow waters during multiple bombing runs at Kure.  This depiction of the Haruna shows her final configuration.  The Fujimi 1/350 kit was modified by adding AA cradles to the tops of the turrets, replacing two of the searchlight platforms with AA cradles, and adding the large stern AA platform.  I also squared off the casemates, added some roll off depth charges on her stern, and removed the training aiming devices from the main turrets.  Two type 13 radars were mounted on her mast and I added a set of platforms for the type 22 radar on the bridge.  There were also two searchlight platforms on each side of the bridge I added.

The final armament for the Haruna (as far as I can figure) was 8-14 inch (4x2),  8-6 inch (8x1), 12-5 inch (6x2), and 106-25mm (28x3, 2x2, 18x1).

Sets used for the build include:

Philip LaVoie

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