IJN Yamato 
by Bartlomiej Pawlik 

1/200 IJN Yamato (Military Model Andrzej Halinski)

I made this model from paper from Military Model Andrzej Hali?ski 8/93 and I  used only skeleton and parts of superstructure.new hull plating, modeled on the Musashi model from Tamiya and added some weapons according to the existing parts (25mm AA guns). I used Janusz Skulski's monograph "Yamato". I started the model when I was 16 in 1994 and finished it in 1995. It has some bugs, the crane arm is turned upside down, the model was changed after a dozen years, adding a wooden deck and photo-etched parts, I didn't finish it

Bartlomiej Pawlik

Gallery updated 1/13/2023

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