Japanese battleship Yamato 
by David Flynn 

1/600 IJN Yamato (Aurora)

I built this c1990 just after Janusz Skulski's book on the Yamato was published.  The book was very useful for making the model.

My favorite scale is 1/600, and I liked the looks of the Yamato as completed, with four 6.1-inch turrets, but at that time no Yamato was available at that scale.  A local hobby shop had an out of production Aurora model.  Aurora's kit was inaccurate in so many ways, but I used it anyway.

I reshaped the bow, and replaced the ends of the main deck with sheet plastic.  I made the fourth 6.1-inch turret (port side) with layers of sheet plastic.  I added the belt armor and many details.

The model has fallen and been damaged a few times over years.  In spite of repairs it is a little worse for wear.

David Flynn

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