by Peter Hoskins

1/350 IJN Ise (Fujimi)

I have had this kit in the to do list for a while and decided to make a start about 4 months ago, for accessories I ordered the Fujimi wooden deck, the etch part A and part B. A few more aircraft were needed so 2 sets of the Suisei bombers were also added. This is the first ship that I have used a wooden deck on, after some research the deck was fitted easily and a few coats of Cabot's sealer was added over several days. Some Fujimi figures were added for scale. Acrylics were used for all painting.

The canopies on the aircraft were given several coats of MIG filter "blue for Panzer grey" and the flight deck given a few coats of brown filter to give a dirty / dusty look. Overall a very enjoyable build.
Extras: Fujimi: Wooden Deck, Etch set A, Etch set B.

Peter Hoskins

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