Vittorio Veneto 
by Olivero Giovanni 

1/700 Vittorio Veneto (Trumpeter)

The battle ship Vittorio Veneto was a ship of the Italian Royal Navy belonging to the Littorio class and represented the best of the Italian naval war production of the second world war. Although considered the second unit of the Littorio Class was the first to be delivered, so that the class is sometimes also called the Vittorio Veneto Class.

The diorama represents the Vittorio Veneto in navigation while the RO43 reconnaissance return after being hit by enemy fire tries a fortuitous landing, while the large guns of Vittorio Veneto are ready to respond to the possible enemy threat. The diorama is fictional and does not represent any action performed in the past by Vittorio Veneto.

Olivero Giovanni

Gallery updated 3/5/2018