Russian battleship Knyaz Suvorov 
by Marcelo Albuquerque 

1/350 Knyaz Suvorov (Zvezda)

I love pre-dreadnoughts, specially those that have a "old-fashioned" design, like french and russian ships in 1900´s,  looks like "steam-punk'...almost.

This is the battleship "Knyaz Suvorov" (Prince Suvorov), from Borodino class, laid down in 1902 and sunk at Battle of Tsushima. Zvezda modal is good, but not excellent and demands some improvement. The model originally is a ful hull but as I prefer waterline, I have cut off the hull.

I have used generic photoetched to railings, cooper wire for livesavers and painting was made with automotive laquers and a bit of acrylics for detailling.

Marcelo Albuquerque

Gallery updated 6/8/2017