SMS Markgraf 
by Abel Hernandez 

1/350 SMS Markgraf (ICM)

This is the 1/350 MarkGraf.  This was a nice departure from building WW-II ships and it truly showed the differences between WW-I and II era ships.  Remarkable how simply built the WW-I battleships were; essentially gun platforms with little else when compared to a WW-II battleship.  Model was fun to build and I completed it over the course of two weeks, perhaps an hour or two per day.  Some parts were hard to fit but with the right tools, it was not a problem.  Think you would enjoy the kit.  Some pictures show comparison to other 1/350 German WW-II warships.  The Graff Spee was not much smaller than the Markgraf.

Abel Hernandez

Gallery updated 2/26/2018