SMS Markgraf 
by Steve Richards 

1/350 SMS Markgraf (ICM)

Here is the ICM 1/350 SMS Markgraf circa 1914 or thereabouts.  Straight from the box but I added an Artwox wooden deck, Tomís Modelworks photo-etch and rudimentary rigging plus shoe-lace anti-torpedo nets.  Quite a tricky build but enjoyable.   In a couple of photos I have included the SMS Seydlitz from Hobby Boss.

I adjusted the height of the foremast as it was too tall. The base for the lower look out position is moulded too high with the result that the top masts are also too high. A fix to the height of the base and trimming of the top of the pole foremast fixed it. From what I can see on the web, no-one has picked this up.


Steve Richards

Gallery updated 6/10/2023