SMS Seydlitz 
by Stein Gildberg 

1/350 SMS Seydlitz (Hobbyboss)

This is the German Grosser Kreuzer (Battlecruiser) SMS Seydlitz. Kit manufacturer is Hobbyboss, scale is 1:350.

To detail the ship, I used the large set from Infini with PE, brass tubing/barrels etc.

In addition, I made my own changes and additions such as hollowing out louvers, making opening for torpedo tubes, using strips of masking tape to make reinforcing for overlapping plates etc etc,  and a large job on the torpedo nets!

I found that the set-up shown by Infini, as well as other set-ups found in the Internet, would not work in real life. After a thoroughly study of pictures of Seydlitz as well as other German Battlecruisers , I settled on the set-up shown in my model!

Loops of .3mm brass tubing were soldered to brass booms from Infini. Attachment for cables for the lowering and hoisting of the sets were put in position on the deck planking.

The torpedo net is original Infint on Bb side. On Stb side the rolled-up net is a shoe-lace painted iron with rust and secured by tread.

Some of the changes are shown in the pictures.

I had a great job to detail this relatively basic kit, a job that took almost a year of research, building and modelling fun!

Paints mainly from Vallejo and Revell, rigging (incl loop antenna) from Uschi (.03 and .05), brass and copper thread .3 and .2mm. Chipping technic for weathering the hull. Some stretched sprue for non-tensioned cables etc.


Stein Gildberg

Gallery updated 4/10/2023