SMS Seydlitz
By Tony Van Wyk
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1/350 SMS Seydlitz  WW1 German Battleship (Iron Shipwrights)

 This is my second submission of the exact same kit that I submitted the last time, Although this one has a bit of a warning for those who are never quite satisfied with a kit they've built. I original finished this model last October but was never quite happy with the rigging....then Christmas came and I had a bit too much spare time and I thought to myself what if I just re-rigg it. Well after stripping the paint and completely disassembling it, removing the molded on superstructure and putting on a new ever green deck, the rebuilding commenced. The folks at WEM put me in touch with the redoubtable Jim Baumann who relayed, from Nick Dogger, a list of about 27 major and minor modifications to make the kit more accurate.  At first glance I thought "your out of your freakin mind" however I persevered, and with the inclusion of elements of both the WEM and GMM Konig PE and numerous parts from an ICM Grosser Kurfurst the project took off (I'm particularly please with the 11" turrets-there down sized from the Kurfurst's and I managed to keep all the detail). Now 7 months later after the final application of WEM's colour coats (first time I used they these, definitely not the last) I present again the SMS Seydlitz as of late 1917, all in all I am quite pleased with the second attempt. And for anyone out there who has never quite been satisfied with a previous build....try building it again you never know....of course it may just driver you up the wall too.

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