USS Quincy CA-39 at Savo 
by Vladimir Karen 

1/700 USS Quincy CA-39 (Trumpeter)

USS Quincy was the second ship of the Northern Group of Allied cruisers guarding access to the Guadalcanal invasion area on the fateful night of August 8-9th, 1942. Like the other cruisers of the Northern group, she was completely caught by surprise by the Japanese onslaught. The presence of floatplanes onboard proved lethal that night as they quickly caught fire and illuminated the target to the enemy. She was the first ship of the Northern group to sink after having fired only 3 salvos but being hit by as many as 54 shells and 3 torpedoes. Still, she managed to punch the most serious hit to the Japanese by hitting the map room on the bridge of flagship Chokai, missing Vice-Admiral Mikawa and his staff officers by only a few meters. She slipped under the surface in 48 minutes since the first shots have been fired on the Northern Group, losing 370 men dead and 167 wounded.

USS Quincy is already the 4th ship in my Battle of Savo Island collection. It shows her only moments before the Japanese illuminated the Northern Group and opened fire.

A detailed writeup of my build is available here.

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Vladimir Karen

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