USS Pittsburgh CA-72
by Anthony Tow

1/700 USS Pittsburgh CA-72 (Trumpeter)

This model represents the USS Pittsburgh (CA 72) in the mid 1950's. The main changes to convert from the WWII configuration were the removal of the aircraft catapults, various changes in the radar antennae, and removal of various Oerlikon gun tubs.  I wasn't sure if all the Oerlikons were removed so I retained some of them, but now I think all of them might have been removed.

After market sets include the WEM set for the Pittsburgh, Blue Ridge human figures and 40 mm Quad Bofors set. The Bofors set was very nice and crisp, but the shield that came up in the middle between the two sets of guns was too tight to fit. So I clipped it off and made a narrower shield out of 0.13mm styrene.

Scratchbuilt parts include the capstans and other details around the anchor chains, Piasecki helicopter, Mk 25 radar dishes on top of the Mk38 gun directors, and the twin 3 in guns at the stern.

This model was built for a client.

Anthony Tow

Gallery updated 12/6/2021