DKM Admiral Graf Spee 
by Szabolcs Sonkolyos 

1/700 Admiral Graf Spee (Trumpeter)

I built the kit in 2021. Trumpeter's ship doesn't look bad at first, but unfortunately it has some inaccuracies. For the construction, I used different photoetch sets, Master model gun barrels, Uschi´s high stretch elastic rigging, and self made things.The water is based on the aluminum foil method, which I painted with Tamiya paints and coated with AK Atlantic gel. And I painted most of the waves with a thin brush. It didn't turn out the way I wanted, but it was also good for practice.

I intended the whole construction to be a quick break, but it ended up taking 9 months... :P

Szabolcs Sonkolyos

Gallery updated 7/12/2023