French heavy cruiser Algerie
by Michal Lason

1/700 French heavy cruiser Algerie (Scratch built)

Scratch-built model of the French cruiser Algerie. The French and Italian ships from the 30-ties are for me definitely the most beautiful ships ever made.The interesting thing about this particular model is that I have built it more than 20 years ago and left it partially unfinished ever since.Now, as I retired professionally, I took my ships out and decided to complete them. First was the Algerie, Le Terrible will follow.I discovered that at 62 the fingers are not so nimble, but the joy of building the models is even bigger than in the past. Another special thing is that the rigging is made with my wife's hair and the arm on the artillery clock on the conning tower with my cat's whisker😉
Hope you will find the model interesting.

Michał Lasoń, Mumbai, India
Ps. I'm Polish but I live in India for the last 34 years - life brings many surprises.

Michal Lason

Gallery updated 1/16/2022