Georgios Averoff 
by Jon Da Silva 

1/700 Georgios Averoff (YS Masterpieces)

This is the excellent 1/700 YS Masterpieces Georgios Averoff Greek armored cruiser. I bought the kit from Tony Bunch (L'Arsenal USA). My kit was a short cast waterline variant and I'm glad because I prefer all my builds waterline. The kit went together flawlessly but was built over the course of a year. I feel that I greatly improved my modeling skills as the build progressed. I used all the kit included photo etch, as well as some spares from the usual suspects like WEM and Flyhawk. The included ship boats were somewhat dreadful, so I replaced them with parts from Kombrig and Dragon. The launches are the kit parts and are fine.  The masts are made from brass rod and the rigging (first time) is done with ultra fine stretched sprue. Paints were exclusively Mr. Color and the ensign is hand made on computer paper and crinkled to look somewhat realistic. The model has been flat coated and weathered with pastel chalks and pre/post shading. The seascape is done ala Jim Baumann, who also had great reference photos and build critique for me, and is painted with EXCELLENT MonsterKolor paints. They're simply outstanding.  It still lacks a display case (which I'm working on building) and I have to engrave a nameplate for it. I feel this is my finest build yet.

Jon Da Silva

Gallery updated 2013