HMS Dorsetshire 1937 
by Dennis Vella 

1/192 HMS Dorsetshire 1937 (Scratchbuilt)

HMS Dorsetshire was one of a class of RN cruisers armed 8in guns built for the Royal Navy in the inter-war period. The ship entered service in 1929 and was sunk in 1942. On board at the time were a number of Maltese sailors of whom 12 were believed to have been machine gunned by the Japanese while floating on rafts or swimming in the water.

The model depicts the ship as in 1937. When after a short refit in the UK she proceeded through the Mediterranean on passage to the China station via the Suez canal.. From research I found that during this passage she had Spanish neutrality strips on B turret and was in an overall 507c  light grey. Other slight modifications carried out during this refit to her armaments and equipment can be found in a number of publications.

The model is based on scale plans obtained from various sources, This scratch built model is build in accordance to my established method of construction and materials consisted mainly of balsa for hull and superstructure with brass for the small details which include gun barrels Masts bollards etc., Paints were from Humbrol range. Last but not least I have to mention Mr. Stephen Soberalski an American gentleman whom I did not have the pleasure to meet, but who unselfishly helped me with my project to such an extent that without his help this model would not have been finished.

Dennis Vella

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