HMS Hawkins May 1942 
by Jerry Lloyd 

1/700 HMS Hawkins 1942 (HP Models)

H.M.S. Hawkins in her May 1942 colours of MS1, B5, B6 and 507C, she was designed in 1915 as a trade protection cruiser after SMS Emdens raid and was built at Chatham with a scaled down Courageous hull completing in 1919, for the 1922 Washington Naval treaty the Royal Navy successfully lobbied for an 8inch cruiser gun limit to keep this class, 1925 plans to fit three twin 8inch County Class gun turrets were dropped for lack of space and she was disarmed under the 1930 London Naval treaty, with the outbreak of WW2 she was rearmed in 1939, her seven 7.1 inch main guns were on rotating discs needing a crew of 40 - 45 to manually load 200lb shells, she also had four 4inch AA guns controlled by a single Mk IV HACS director with a 285 radar on top, two quad and two single 2 Pdr pompoms (singles were seldom seen on this size of ship) plus seven single 20mm and four fixed TT, plans to fit KGV Class 5.25 inch twin guns had to be dropped due to a shortage of the new turrets, H.M.S. Hawkins was paid off in 1944 and in 1947 she was bombed as a target by RAF Shackletons then she was scrapped.

Jerry Lloyd

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