HMS Norfolk 
by David Hogue 

1/350 HMS Norfolk (Iron Shipwrights)

This represents the Norfolk in 1942 to early 1943. She was active in the North Atlantic and on the Arctic
Convoys to the USSR during this period. An interesting coincidence is the fact that the British government finally awarded a campaign medal to the remaining veterans of the Artic convoys when I was working on this ship. The kit was the ISW resin kit updated from the 1941 version with the addition of tripod masts, radars, 20mm gun positions, etc. The kit castings were pretty rough and needed a lot of prep work and extra work.  A warp was removed from the hull then it was sanded smooth, the second row of port holes was filled and plating and details were added to the hull. The turrets and funnels were sanded smooth and all details were added from scratch built details. The masts, 20mm gun positions, platforms, search lights, signal lights, depth charge rack, lantern radar, bridge overhead, capstans, bollards, boat davits, various deck houses and many other structural details were scratch built. The 20mm guns, boats, pom poms, chocks and paravanes are aftermarket accessories. The Walrus plane was from Trumpeter, the wings were folded and the plastic blocks were replaced with wire and PE struts. The ship was painted with WEM and Floquil paints and the decals and flags were scrounged from decals in my stash.

David Hogue

Gallery updated 2013