HMS Suffolk 1937 China Station 
by Brendan Morford 

1/600 HMS Suffolk 1937 China Station (Airfix)

This is my latest build, by default really, because of another club deadline that was extended so I thought I'd try something different. I've had this boxing of the Suffolk sitting around for a long time so after some research I decided to represent her in her China Station colors from the late 1920's to late 1930's. Mainly I was looking to get away from all the battleship greys and try something "brighter" to put on the shelf. My start point was a Type 4, series 3 , model kit by Airfix in 1.600 scale from the mid 1970's. I did not purchase any add ons or extras specifically for the kit but rather used left over PE from other kits and scratch building to complete the build. Overall for a ship that had a significant history, especially in the hunt for the Bismarck there is not a lot of information specific to color combo's etc and as most pre war pics are in B & W this adds to the dilema.

Brendan Morford

Gallery updated 10/26/2017